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| Project for the creation of a Blockchain audiovisual content production company |



Blockchain technology in general, and in particular the ability to demonstrate authorship and/or ownership of a digital asset unequivocally thanks to NFTs, are tools that will undoubtedly revolutionize, among many other things, our way of understanding finance, the art , the exchange of goods between people (whether physical or digital), and the creation of audiovisual and multimedia content in general.


1. Current state of the NFT ecosystem:

The creators of The Guardian Herald are firmly committed to NFTs as a means of distributing and marketing art and digital assets.

Although it is clear that for months we have been living in a bubble around pfp avatar collections, the technology and the business model created around them will last far beyond temporary or passing fads.

Although the processes facilitated by the appearance of NFTs open up a whole universe of possibilities, the lack of scruples on the part of some creators, the speculative desire as the only reason to participate in projects and the generalized opinion that "anything goes", suppose a real risk for the consolidation of this technological revolution.

We collect in the form of a decalogue our main values:


2. Values

2.1 Long-term work: The Guardian Herald is a long-term business project focused on the creation of audiovisual content and it will take years to take off, grow and finally establish itself as a successful project.

2.2 Professionalization: The creators of The Guardian Herald seek to make the management and administration of the project our only professional activity.

2.3 Decentralized financing: The raising of capital through the public sale of the collection is not the final objective, it is only the tool to obtain the necessary financing that will allow the implementation and development of a solid and complex business project.

2.4 Pillars of success: The contribution of added value to the collection based on the underlying roadmap, the constant work over time, value creation "onchain" and "offchain" and, above all, the support of the community, are the pillars of the success of a pfp project.


3. Strategy

The increase in value of any NFT belonging to a collection must be a direct consequence of the success of the collection. The hype, fomo or speculative interest created around the collection can NOT be the basis for the success of any NFT project in the long term.

3.1 Healthy and sincere project: If you decide to enter the project motivated only by speculative interest, you are free to do so, but there are other collections and, above all, other products within the crypto world that are much more appropriate for this purpose.

3.2 Return to the Community: We believe that the return to the community of a substantial part of the value generated by the project is a basic growth lever. The creation of value will be based on the achievement of the group's objectives and not on speculative tools or artificial manipulation of the market.

3.3 Search for talent in the community: In a global community like Elrond's, the different sensitivities, qualities and aptitudes of its members make up a human and social potential that should not be wasted. The Guardian Herald will act as a catalyst for all this talent, searching the community for collaborators who, either on a one-off or permanent basis, can create content for the collection from different artistic modalities.


4. Methods of return and income for the community (Item 4 under review)


BCKL (Blocklita) is the proprietary token of The Guardian Herald project. BCKL holders will be able to exchange it for products and/or services, discounts, NFTs, courses, tutorials and other rewards that The Guardian Herald will make available, exclusively, to its holders.



The BCKL token will not be offered for sale and can only be obtained through the means specified by The Guardian Herald such as purchase and/or Staking of NFTs from the project, Airdrops and other marketing actions, games and rewards.



4.1.1 Initial token distribution

Coming soon

4.1.2 .Supply Model



Coming soon


4.1.3 Staking

By staking your Guardian Herald NFTs, you will earn rewards in the form of direct discounts on purchasing other NFTs, purchasing products and services, or donating to charities.


4.2 Collaborations and Associations

Based on the agreement to transfer the commercial rights of the Guardian Heralds to their holders, the collaborations and/or associations seek to involve as many holders as possible in the smooth running and success of the collection.

Through agreements between The Guardian Herald and certain holders, the latter will receive part of the income obtained from the sale of products and merchandising.

4.2.1 Practical case:

The NFT Comics series “The Guardian Herald” will be comprised of a number of episodes yet to be determined. The nature of these episodes will be of two types: serial plot spread throughout the entire series and starring the original characters owned by "The Guardian Herald" and episodic with the beginning, middle and end of the plot in a single episode.

The latter will be interspersed between the serial plot episodes and will feature a Guardian Herald chosen by lottery from among all the Guardian Heralds that make up the collection.

Holders of these randomly chosen Guardians will have the opportunity to sign a partnership agreement with The Guardian Herald whereby they will receive a substantial portion of the proceeds from the public sale of the episode, starring their Guardian, as well as a percentage of the proceeds. income from royalties in the secondary market.

Royalty income is tied to the Guardian Herald, so if at any time the NFT is sold or transferred, those royalties will belong to the new owner.

* Similar agreements will be established for merchandising rights, animation series and blockchain game.


4.3 Income for Creators

The Guardian Herald will create throughout its development a large volume of literary, graphic and audiovisual material. This material will be created by The Guardian Herald team itself and by selected external collaborators, preferably from the community.

Through collaboration or association agreements, external collaborators will be remunerated for their contribution, either directly and/or as a share of sales profits.


4.4 Full Commercial Rights for Guardian Heralds

Holders of an NFT from The Guardian Herald Collection will have all commercial rights to their Guardian, for as long as they continue to own and control the NFT.

While in possession of an NFT from the collection, the holder will be able to use their Guardian on clothing and products, as well as on video games and video projects (more on the use of commercial rights in the terms and conditions section).


5. Contributions to the rewards fund for holders

The fund for the rewards that can be redeemed by BCKL holders will have a constant contribution from the different monetization channels of the project:



*Sale Contents: Comic NFT; Digital comics (webtoons); printed comic; Animation...

*New Relases: villains; accessories (weapons, armor); vehicles...


5. Overview

The Guardian Herald is a project for the creation of a Blockchain audiovisual content production company.

We provide a new and disruptive vision of the traditional Comic. Our proposal, which we have called Comic3 (web3 + comic), includes illustration, animation and game.

Thanks to self-publishing and self-distribution, we empower creators and artists, and with the transfer of commercial rights to characters (NFTs), we also empower holders.

The Guardian Herald is a multi-format, multi-channel and multi-chain long-term business project based on blockchain technology.

We create the literature and science fiction stories of the Metaverse.


6. Outlook



7. Team

Toni T.

Founder, CEO


Toni B.

Art director


Artist & Modeller


Marketing Manager



Artist & Illustrator



Artist & Animator



Community Builder





! Disclaimer

The Guardian Herald team works hard to carry out the roadmap, ensuring the growth of the community and the success of the project. However, there are significant technological uncertainties in the nascent blockchain space and the roadmap may be subject to change in the future. For these reasons, this FAQ section should be considered for informational purposes only and should not be strictly considered a binding statement or investment advice