⚡ Web3 + Comic = Comic3

| Whitepaper |

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⚡ Web3 + Comic = Comic3

| Whitepaper |

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⚡Genesis of the Guardian Heralds

[Episode I]

In the beginning "Big Data" gave rise to the Metaverse in a supermassive explosion of information.

The most important data, the information that contains the meaning of the Metaverse and that will only be revealed to a select few, was concentrated inside what we know today as Primal Blocklite, a digital mineral that spread in all directions reaching the deepest of the galaxies of the Metaverse known as Blockchains.



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⚡The Guardian Herald Avatar

| The first Comic3 in which you can own the characters and get benefits for it |

Income from commercial rights

Full commercial rights for your Herald Guardian: The key to success



Earn rewards in the form of airdrops, direct discounts, and purchase of products and services by staking your Guardian Heralds

Collaborations and Associations

Your Guardian can be a protagonist and generate income for you

A great little community

Search for talent and collaborators among the community


Airdrops, discounts, raffles, private sales!!

Project 360º

Multiple media and distribution channels: Comic, Animation, Game, Staking ...


Genesis RoadMap

1.1 Project presentation and character reveal (Whitepaper)
1.2 Preview in Decentralan of Episode I «Genesis of the Guardian Heralds»

1.3 Start WL

1.4 Private sale for Ambar Token holders

Drop RoadMap

2.1 Raxnor Drop ⏱

2.2 Tardash Drop ⏱

2.3 Ahat Drop ⏱

2.4 Barla Drop ⏱

2.5 3D-Evo Drop ⏱

Publication RoadMap

3.1 Reveal and distribution of the remaining 4 Episodes of the Genesis series
3.2 Start staking
3.3 Premiere of The Guardian Herald -The Movie-
3.4 Demo game

🚀 Roadmap 2.0 «GrowBig» Release

⚡Become the holder of a Superhero

With The Guardian Herald you will be the owner of the commercial rights of your Guardian Herald and in addition to being able to use it in merchandising products and personal and/or commercial projects, you will be able to opt for it to star in any of the special episodes of the collection, obtaining income for its sales


By staking your Guardian Herald NFTs, you will earn rewards in the form of BCKL. You can use your BCKL to obtain direct discounts on the purchase of other NFTs, purchase products and services or donate to NGOs


The Guardian Herald will be a project with 3D characters ready to be integrated into the Metaverse. We focused on making our avatars easy to integrate into many worlds in the metaverse and online games


Thanks to self-publishing and self-distribution, we empower creators and artists, and with the transfer of commercial rights to characters (NFTs), we also empower owners.


Toni T.

Founder, CEO


Toni B.

Art director

Iván M.

Artist & Modeller


Marketing Manager



Artist & Illustrator



Artist & Animator



Community Builder









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Why Elrond Blockchain?
Scalable, fast and secure

· Low gas fees (transaction cost 0,01 €/tx)
· x1000 faster than ETH
· ECO friendly. The First Carbon Negative European Blockchain

Welcome to the future of money!

Build & Design
Maiar Wallet

Maiar is a digital wallet and global payments app that allows you to exchange and securely store money on your mobile phone. You can use Maiar to send and receive money near-instantly, to and from anyone around the world by just using a phone number or herotag.


! Disclaimer

The Guardian Herald team works hard to carry out the roadmap, ensuring the growth of the community and the success of the project. However, there are significant technological uncertainties in the nascent blockchain space and the roadmap may be subject to change in the future. For these reasons, this FAQ section should be considered for informational purposes only and should not be strictly considered a binding statement or investment advice

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